About Us

The leadership team at Kinkaid Civil Construction is made up of a group of highly experienced construction professionals with a single purpose: to lead in the delivery of safe, timely and complete Heavy Civil Construction Projects. This is accomplished through detailed planning, proactive management and transparent, open communication.

Our business model has been created by our leadership team. First created were our Values and Guiding Principles. Our Values and Principles guide each choice, providing the clearest direction in pursuing the correct course of action.

About the Team

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Our Values


This is the cornerstone of Kinkaid Civil. Interaction with clients, employees, subcontractors and vendors will be honest in every aspect and conducted with the highest principles.


All Kinkaid Civil employees see themselves as contributing to the achievement of a common goal, each performing a key component of the overall success. This collaboration continually makes our people our greatest competitive advantage.

Excellence / Innovation

Stated simply, this is the principle of Good, Better, Best. Kinkaid Civil will never be satisfied with just being Good, we continually seek to Better our individual and collective performance all in an effort to achieve the Best possible results.


Kinkaid Civil will be accountable to our clients, employees, subcontractors and vendors in all aspects of each and every project.


Utilizing a partnering approach Kinkaid Civil will add value by understanding the client needs, along with the goals and budget of each project. All in an effort to deliver a high quality, cost effective end result.