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Kinkaid's Values

Safety * Values * People

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our people and their families is a core value at Kinkaid Civil. We maintain a steadfast commitment to safety through unwavering attention and dedication.

Leadership Team

Our Greatest Competitive Advantage

The Kinkaid team boasts extensive experience in constructing a variety of projects, including Public, Private, Heavy Civil, and other Capital Improvements Projects throughout the Valley. Our approach involves pairing seasoned staff members with emerging talents, fostering an environment conducive to continuous development and growth. This practice ensures the consistent delivery of the high-quality work that Kinkaid has upheld throughout the years.


Vice President - Field Operations


Vice President - Preconstruction


Vice President - Project Management

How Kinkaid Came To BE

The Kinkaid History

Kinkaid Civil Construction roots date back to 1995. After completing a successful career in golf, Ty Borum was ready to move on to a more family centered profession, requiring less travel. Ty himself may not have seen the transition into the construction industry but he was willing to work hard enough to make it work. 

Ty Borum and Bill Borum, Ty’s father, invested into a backhoe that neither of them knew how to run. Fortunately, they had “space to practice”.  Ty would finish the work day and then practice running the backhoe late into the evenings. “Practice” included carrying grade for footings, learning how to jump stem walls, and digging mock pools.

The first opportunity presented itself in the form of digging pools for a local contractor. The attention to detail and commitment to the end product forged immediate and long-lasting relationships. Over the next 8 years, B&B Excavating became one of the largest residential excavation companies in the valley – eventually running a fleet of 16 backhoes on a daily basis. By combining opportunity, vision and hard work a successful business was started. 

In the early 2000’s, the civil construction market had a demand for contractors who showed up, treated people fair and produced a quality product.  Ty once again, began learning and, with a solid foundation provided by B&B Excavating, StraightLine Utilities was founded in 2004.  StraightLine built and successfully completed numerous heavy civil projects. B&B Concrete was then started in 2006.  For ease of operation along with creating a single “point of contact” all three companies were combined into one and, in 2011, Kinkaid Civil Construction was formed.

Kinkaid Civil Construction continues to operate with the same principles that we were founded on – show up, treat people fairly and provide a quality product.  Today, Kinkaid Civil has expanded our scope of work to include all disciplines of civil construction.  Our senior management team currently exceeds 200+ years of combined construction experience.  Our values, management experience and dedicated workforce has created the basis for our continued success. We are grateful to all our employees and recognize their important contributions as members of our team. 

Our team specializes in the timely delivery of heavy civil construction projects. We accomplish this through dedicated effort, pro-active management, detailed planning, and transparent communication with the underlying goal of providing value in each interaction.

Our Company Values

Who We Are

One aspect that sets us apart from other contractors is that our leadership knows their employees individually. Kinkaid genuinely cares about its employee’s families, their hardships, and their triumphs.

Grounded By Our History

The Kinkaid Story


Ty’s father purchased a backhoe. Ty eventually started using the backhoe to perform smaller jobs. He would drive up to New River during the day to operate the backhoe & then drive back to Phoenix to deliver pizzas at night as additional income & to support his family.


Around 2001, Ty was asked to dig utilities for a larger project. Although he had never performed that type of work, he accepted the challenge, figured it out and performed the job well.


Utilizing B&B Excavating’s solid foundation, StraightLine Utilities was founded.


B&B Concrete was founded and joined the continuously growing companies created by Ty Borum.


From that point, the companies kept expanding and the three companies eventually morphed in 2011, forming Kinkaid Civil Construction.

Present & Future

Kinkaid’s founder attributes his company’s beginning to a John Deere salesman & friend (Rick Scott) who took the time to connect him with a heavy equipment salesman. He also pays tribute to his employees for all the hard work & dedication, which he believes formed Kinkaid Civil Construction into the company it is today.

“What do you choose to make of it and how hard are you willing to work?”

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Derek Borum

Vice President - Field Operations

> 12 Years of Experience
> 10 Years with Kinkaid

Training & Expertise:
• OSHA 10
• Competent Person
• Traffic Control Certified
• Excavation & Trench Safety Certification
• Procore, Building Connected & Plan Grid

Derek has been with Kinkaid for over eight years, working his way up to General Superintendent. This well-rounded experience lends Derek to be an asset in handling the project schedules and budgets required to meet deadlines.

Kent Bergeson

Vice President - Preconstruction

> 20 Years of Experience
> 8 Years with Kinkaid

Training & Expertise:
• PlanSwift, HCSS Heavy Bid & Heavy Job
• Primavera – P6 & Microsoft
• Project Scheduling
• Traffic Control Certification
• OSHA 10
• Procore, Building Connected & Plan Grid
• Alternative Project Delivery Methods

Kent Bergeson entered the construction industry in 2003 as an intern while pursuing his engineering degree at Arizona State University. With a strong background in commercial and heavy civil construction, Kent has ascended to the role of Director of Preconstruction. Serving as the initial point of contact for any project, he possesses comprehensive familiarity with various project delivery methods.

Zach Borum

Vice President - Project Management

> 14 Years of Experience
> 14 Years with Kinkaid

Training & Expertise:
• Traffic Control Certification
• OSHA 10
• HCSS Heavy Bid & Heavy Job
• On-Screen Take-Off
• Excavation & Trench Safety Certification
• Procore, Building Connected & Plan Grid
• Alternative Project Delivery Methods

Zach has over 10 years of experience in the heavy civil construction industry. His experience includes working in both the private and public sectors.