Northern Avenue Watermain

A. Description of Project: The Northern Avenue Watermain Project consisted of approximately 5500 LF of 6” C900 watermain with 5 mainline tie-in locations, 6 fire hydrants, 20 private service connections, and asbestos pipe removal. Kinkaid faced some challenges during the tie-in process with the owner who was unable to fully exercise the valves in order to achieve a positive shut down. To overcome this, Kinkaid decided to over excavate a sump to manage the constant flow of water. Although this took additional time, the result was having a clean and secure connection upon finishing. Another challenge we faced was the location of existing utilities. Unforseen utility conflicts with the new watermain alignment were avoided due to Kinkaid’s proactive approach with potholing and planning. The ultimate solution was to deflect the pipe which achieved the required clearances.

Kinkaid had to react quickly during this contract and had a short schedule duration. The quick, quality work performed resulted in residents receiving water and avoiding issues of shutoff in the future.

B. Role of the Firm: Prime
C. Project’s Construction Cost: $3,809,081
D. Construction Dates: January 2017 – July 2017
E. Project Owner: EPCOR Water Arizona, Inc., MCDOT