Granite Reef Watershed Storm Drain

A. Description of Project: The Granite Reef Watershed Storm Drain project consisted of approximately 6000 LF of high-performance (ADS-HP) pipe installation (8” to 48”), 1,500 LF of RGRCP (52”) and 20 ea. concrete cast-in place catch basins for storm sewer installation up the center of 86th Street from McDonald Drive to Camelback Road. The storm drainage installation and grade required perpendicular utility crossings to be vertically realigned. The sanitary vertical realignments totaled 26 ea. with no shutdowns and effluent flows during tie-overs were managed with pumps and performed at low flow. Watermain vertical realignments totaled 23 ea. DIP watermain crossings and the waterline cut and connects were performed at low usage times to avoid disruption. Kinkaid studied the valve maps and coordinated with City management staff to minimize nuisance water and ensure safety. Kinkaid also performed public outreach where notifications were passed out both 48 hours and 24 hours prior to shut down. Granite Reef also included complete removal and replacement of 5 ea. intersections including curb & gutter (2,203 LF), sidewalk, asphalt paving (12,200 SY) and over 30 concrete ADA compliant ramps (10,000 SF).
B. Role of the Firm: Prime
C. Project’s Construction Cost: $3,346,947
D. Construction Dates: July 2017 – March 2019
E. Project Owner: City of Scottsdale