Avondale Sewer System Repairs

A. Description of Project: Kinkaid was contracted by the City of Avondale to perform a sewer bypass installation due to sanitary back-grade in the existing line, thereby stifling positive flow. Kinkaid constructed 547 LF of new 12” sewer line at different elevations adjacent to the existing sanitary line, which achieved positive flow and eliminated back-up. This work was performed on Avondale Boulevard, next to a school and church, which required extensive traffic control. Kinkaid was able to install 175 LF of 30” jack and bore underneath the roadway all done without the disruption to traffic. The scope also required 281 SY of asphalt removal/replacement and installing four sewer manholes.

Kinkaid acted as a JOC contractor, assisting with design and construction due to the short turnaround requirements. The City of Avondale required that this project be completed during the public school’s spring break. This project also completed on budget.

B. Role of the Firm: Prime
C. Project’s Construction Cost: $441,239
D. Construction Dates: May 2018 – June 2018
E. Project Owner: City of Avondale